Low-temperature cold storage quick-frozen aluminum row can be customized


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Minimum Limit Temperature: -269 Degrees Function: Heat Dissipation And Refrigeration
Use: Fresh Storage, Refrigeration Storage Product Name: Aluminum Refrigeration Row
Material: Aluminum Weight: Light
High Light:

R404A thermal heat exchanger


finned air conditioning heat exchanger


aluminum condenser tubing coil


Light Aluminum Refrigeration Row Easy To Install Refrigerant Consumption Will Be Greatly Reduced





Aluminum exhaust pipe is mainly used in the refrigeration system of 10ºC to -45ºC cold storage. Used for freezing and refrigerating all kinds of food. The inlet and outlet of aluminum tubes are welded with high frequency resistance copper-aluminum joints. The thickness of the aluminum tube is 2mm, and the compressive capacity is 4.5mpa.




Special structure: Aluminum alloy finned tubes are fixed in parallel, forming multiple parallel channels, forming a flue effect, fast cooling speed, and saving a lot of electrical energy.
Light weight and easy to install: easy to install, save a lot of structural investment, and save energy consumption of production structure;
Low refrigerant consumption: The finned tube in the aluminum row adopts fin external thread internal thread structure, which can greatly reduce refrigerant consumption.
The exhaust pipe is resistant to high pressure.
System cleaning to extend compressor life. The service life is more than 20 years, which meets the food hygiene standards.
The refrigerant is used in fluorine and ammonia, which expands the scope of use.


Product parameters


Fin spacing 2mm
Case material Galvanized Steel
Tube material Copper Aluminum Bundy Tube
Length of outer connection pipe 160mm
Fin material Aluminum fin / Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil
Mould 25x21.65mm
Copper pipe diameter: 9.52mm
Refrigerant Customized;R-134a
Tube type Grooved, bare, Smooth
Frame material Stainless Steel, GI plate, Aluminum plate
Fin type flat, corrugated, louvered
Row Number 4 row / 1-12 rows
Pipeline volume (cm3) ≤100 101-200 201-400 401-800
Residual Moisture (mg): ≤10 ≤20 ≤25 ≤30
Residual Impurity ≤ 100mg/m2
Biggest single impurity ≤2mg
Type Evaporator, fin type condenser
Tube material 99.99% Aluminum Tube
Tube wall thickness 0.3mm



Minimum limit temperature -269 degrees
Refrigerant Both fluorine and ammonia
Service life 20+ years
Customizable Yes
Aluminum tube thickness 2mm
Pressure 4.5 Mpa



Used in

Fresh storage, cold storage




The large heat transfer coefficient reduces the heat transfer area of the refrigerator evaporator.
Reduce the amount of refrigerant injected into the refrigeration system.
Reduce lifting and load-bearing workload and investment.
The aluminum tube does not rust and achieves environmental protection effect.
It has good thermal performance with a minimum limit temperature of -269 degrees.
The use of aluminum exhaust pipes can improve the cleanliness of the system and ensure the operating temperature of the refrigeration system.



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