Italy Lai Fukang semi-closed piston type SP2H 0500 5P medium temperature dual air-cooled unit


  • Brand: 莱富康
  • Product Code: SP2H 0500
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Material: Carbon Steel / 304 Stainless Steel / 316L Stainless Steel / Duplex Steel / Titanium. Feature: Not Easy To Scale
Product Name: Medium Temperature Carbon Steel R314A Cold Storage Refrigeration Units Operating Cycle: Long
Service Life: Long Function: Refrigeration
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R314A Cold Storage Refrigeration Units


Cold Storage Refrigeration Units R314A


Refcomp Refrigeration Units



Detailed Product Description:
Product Name Refcomp refrigeration unit
Specification and model Various options
Customizable No
Brand Refcomp
Introduction: Lai Fukang refrigeration unit is composed of Lai Fukang compressors and some refrigeration accessories products. For example: compressor, condenser, expansion valve, etc. The product is the original Lai Fukang unit, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer, with multiple specifications and models to choose from. Prodcut Parameters:
Product Name Refcomp refrigeration unit
Specification and model Various options
Customizable No
cryogen R22,R504,R314A,R404A,R507
form Screw, piston
Unit piping Exhaust, suction, liquid supply
Power Variety of options
Start mode Sub-coil
Brand Refcomp
Features: 1. High-power motor 2. Large displacement, high efficiency and energy ratio. 3. The structure is beautiful, strong and durable. 4. Wide range of applications Advantage: 1. The design of enlarged static pressure box is adopted to effectively reduce the overall noise of the unit; 2. Adopt high-efficiency and large-volume external rotor fan motor to give full play to the heat exchange effect of the condenser; 3.The liquid storage bottle is designed for large capacity; at the same time, shock absorbers, oil pressure protection, drier filters, sight glasses, hand valves, solenoid valves and electrical control boxes can be added as required; Application area: R22, R404a, R507a, R134a high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature application unit Product category: Lai Fukang machine components have multiple specifications and types, piston unit, parallel screw unit, multi-parallel and water-cooled parallel Product display:(Product ) FAQ: Q: What about your quotation? A: First, we are factory, not just a trading company. Our price is not the cheapest in this industry, we only quote reasonable price based on the quality clients' required. Q:What about your server? A:1.Quick feedback. 2.Accept after-sales feedback 3.Complete after-sales service system Q: How could I trust what you say? A: To see is to believe, we will always welcome you have a journey to our factory. Wish there could be a chance to give you our best service. Some other information description Agency service Regarding the Laifu compressor unit, our company direct sales agent, one of the authorized merchants. Server In terms of budget, we are at your service! We are here to reduce your expenses. The products you choose are closely related to our services. We will give you an appropriate and favorable price to guarantee your satisfaction Please feel free to contact us any time when you need my helpness! · Professional factory: Our factory has decades of experience. · Our prices are competitive. · We aim at quality. · Provide fast delivery for our customers. · We pursue long-term business relationships.




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