New Suzhou Yinghua special direct supply scroll YM34A1G-100 3P compressor


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Refrigerant steam increases from low to high pressure, and the continuous flow and transport of steam is accomplished through the work of the refrigerating compressor. According to the principle of increasing air pressure, refrigeration compressor is divided into positive displacement refrigeration compressor and speed refrigeration compressor. The refrigerant vapor is compressed directly in a closed volume of variable volume to reduce its volume and thus increase the pressure. The compressor becomes a positive displacement refrigeration compressor. Positive displacement refrigeration compressors mainly include reciprocating (also known as piston type), screw type, scroll type, rotor type, vane type and rotary vane type.




The structure is simple and compact, light weight, small unit volume, and small footprint.
Balanced operation, reliable operation, higher operating rate, fewer friction parts, so fewer parts are needed, maintenance cost and personnel are less.
There is no friction between the work wheel and the housing, and no lubrication is required.
The most common steel is used, which is easier to process and less expensive to manufacture.
The driving machine is relatively simple, most of them use electric motors, generally do not adjust the speed, and have strong maintainability.



Product Parameters


Certification CE, ROHS, UL;CE ISO9001
Horse power 25HP;15HP
Displacement 73.6 cbm/h;56.25m3/h;48.5cbm/h;
Temperature 10ºC~ -10ºC;-30ºC to 50ºC
Cooling capacity 8.3kw-77kw;5kw-52kw;9.1KW;3~17.7KW
Voltage 220V/380V/50Hz;380v-420v /3 Ph / 50Hz
compressor cylinder 4
Name model YBF6G-30.2ZR
Dimension(L*W*H) 900*785*780
Condensing Unit All Close Tyoe Or Hald Close Type
Steel material Stainless steel, color steel
Thickness of steel 0.426mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm
Motor Power 3.8kw;4.5kw;5.9kw;7.5kw;8.8kw
Oil Volume L 3.5L
Oil Supply Method Splashing Lubrication
Refrigerant R410A/R507/R134a/R22



Used in

Power generation. Such as pneumatic wrench, automatic device, open the door, high-pressure gas stirring slurry.
Gas transport compressor. Such as pipeline transportation, bottled transportation.
Used for refrigeration and gas separation, such as Freon refrigeration and air separation.
Used in petroleum and chemical industry




Fewer parts, less wearing parts and high reliability.
Easy to operate and maintain.
No inertial force imbalance, stable and safe operation, low vibration.
It has the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the exhaust volume is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and the working conditions are highly adaptable.
The exhaust temperature is low and can be operated at a higher pressure ratio.
Easy to realize automation and remote communication.





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