Cold storage low temperature semi-closed 4FES-3 piston 4p compressor


Original Bitzer Cold Storage 2GES-2 Medium Temperature Compressor


Original Bitzer Cold Storage 2HES-2 Medium Temperature Compressor


Beforte electric defrosting double wind DD15 air cooler with motor


Beforte electric defrosting three-air cooler with motor


Beforte refrigeration defrosting with external rotor with electronic air cooler


Beijing original Bitzer low temperature 2DES-2 2P cold storage compressor


Cold storage board sample block Polyurethane multi-sample insulation board


Cold storage double-sided stainless steel 0.326 optional 100mm+ insulation board


Cold storage embossed aluminum double-sided color steel 0.326 polyurethane 100mm cold storage board


Cooper single wind DD30 DD60 ultra-small ceiling air cooler


Cooper temperature electric defrosting DD15 air cooler with motor


EDEN single wind can be customized low temperature air cooler


Elitech EK-3030E 110V Temperature Controller Thermost Control System


Elitech MTC-6000N Microcomputer Controller Digital Temperature Controller Cold room Refrigerator Cooling Defrost Fan Alternative 110V